Double A Spraypaint 400ml Main kit 12 Colors

The new "Double A" can features a high pigment matte finish with a truly superior valve system in a 400ml can. The variable pressure valve is no joke - similiar to an airbrush - it pushes more or less paint depending on how hard you press the nozzle allowing you to get a high pressure output for bombing and fast painting, or low pressure lines for pieces fine work. This versatile product is perfect for all surfaces. 

Double A Spraypaint covers up to 36 ft in our own tests, which is more than any can on the market, (almost double a Hardcore or Ironlak). Double A paint also features greater UV resistance than other popular paint brands. 


This set is a great way to try out the new line. Featuring 12 main colors: Power Red, Heather, Orange, Grape, Power Green, Mad Yellow, Strong Blue, Green, Power Blue, Grey, White, and Black.

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