Ironlak Marker Refill Paint 250ml

Permanent and highly opaque 250ml premium marker refill paint from Ironlak. Acrylic paint consisting of a combination of water and alcohol allowing premium performance, quick dry time and a focus on health. Water soluble but permanent when dry. Stronger adhesion and more flexibility than other brands. Comes in a 250ml bottle, making sure that your favorite Ironlak marker is always juiced and ready to go. A mixing cup is included on the lid so you can mix and match custom colors. Can also be applied by brush, airbrush, splattered, ect. Always use gloves and be careful when refilling, this paint will stain your clothes and counter tops. All colors are based on existing Ironlak spray paint colors for those super technical projects. These marker refills will work great with any of the empty markers available on this site. Designed by writers for writers.

  • Paint is Weather Proof
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Fast drying and high coverage, water based paint
  • Can be applied to all paint surfaces including metal, plastic, glass and timber
  • Can also be applied by brush or airbrush



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