7mm Chisel Tip Ironlak Pump Action Water-Based Acrylic Marker Set - Creative Colors

Introducing the new Pump Action paint marker sets by Ironlak! These chisel tip markers are actually pretty bomb! We have been using them with eggshell stickers and have enjoyed the vibrancy of the paint. The Gold and Silver pop and the chisel tips are perfect for lettering techniques.

Each set features 4 high quality water-based acrylic paint markers manufactured to the highest standards. Each marker offers superior coverage and is refillable. The acrylic paint is Permanent, odorless, UV resistant, and highly opaque. Suitable for most surfaces including both indoor and outdoor applications. The 7mm Chisel Tip Pump Action markers boast a durable chisel tip great for creating clean strokes, handstyles, lettering techniques, and filling medium sized areas with ease. Refillable from the rear of a durable PP barrel. Colors match Ironlak Spraypaint range for endless creative possibilities.

Colors included in this set are: Chrome, Gold, Aspen (white), and Roarke (black).

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