360 Spraypaint 400ml Pure Chrome

Pure Chrome is 360's new and improved formula!! Now with better coverage and flashier chrome, this is what chrome was always meant to be! 

This paint is Guaranteed CFC and LEAD FREE - however this is STRONG STUFF - ALWAYS WEAR A MASK when using any paint, but we especially recommend using a mask with the 360 matte paint. Extremely high pigments means exceptional coverage, but it also means you have to shake the can vigorously before use, or you risk clogging the can. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CLOGGED CANS - Shake it like a Polaroid picture!!!!


Prior to use all spray paint must be shaken to assure the pigments and other ingredients are sufficiently blended. To accomplish this, hold the can upside-down in one hand, and strike the bottom of the can against the palm of your other hand. Repeat the process several times until you hear the ball bearings (which may have settled with the pigments in the bottom of the can) moving freely inside the can. Another alternative is to take two cans of spray paint, one in each hand, hold them upside-down and then hit the bottoms of the cans together several times. After you hear the ball bearings moving freely, vigorously shake the can back and forth in a lengthwise direction a few times to further blend the paint. Whichever technique is used, use care to avoid damage to the can or injury to your hands. 

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