Ironlak 400ml Most Popular Colors Set of 12

12 of the most popular colors from the newly redesigned Ironlak 400ml spray paint line. 

Ironlak spray paints are known for vibrant high gloss colors, great control, and value for money. Ironlak is fast drying, flexible, and easy to apply. Ironlak features strong adhesion, good resistance to the elements, high UV stability and good hardening.

Ironlak can be used by just about anyone - Aerosol artists, Fine Artists or hobby and craft enthusiasts, and can also be used for DIY jobs and industrial applications. It can be used indoors and outdoors on any surface. Its superior coverage makes it perfect for painting timber, concrete, steel and brick. Its leveling properties make it ideal for canvases and pottery.

This set features 12 of the most popular colors available from Ironlak. Each 400ml can is equipped with a "widowmaker" nozzle with a medium-wide spray radius enabling the artist to fill large areas with ease or create sharp bold outlines along with an array of fading and flaring effects.

The colors included in this set are: Cameleon, Tues Afterburn, Nitro, Flirt, Soviet, Sofles Violence, Frazetta, Smurf, Atmosphere, Washington, Roarke (Black), and Aspen (White).

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