OTR .160 Pocket Size Jumbo Metallic Paint Marker by On The Run

You just found one our favorite markers. These unique metallic markers by On The Run are pocket sized but leave some serious marks. The vibrant colored paint is scratch proof, fade proof and highly permanent. The paint is long lasting and will show on dark and light surfaces. The OTR paint marker features a quality 15mm nib perfect for calligraphy, graffiti art, street art, posters, scripts, and hand styles. The nib is replaceable.

The metallic colors in the OTR .160 series have long been considered by street artists as the most desirable and effective colors in the entire line. These bad boys are easy to carry and the colors are insane!

• Pocket size jumbo marker
• Pump action valve system for controlled ink flow
• Very vibrant metallic color paint
• Paint is scratch proof, fade proof and highly permanent.
• Refillable

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