Montana Colors MTN Empty Refillable Marker Set of 5

The new MTN EMPTY marker line is a high quality, street friendly, range of refillable markers that complement the already well known Dabber line. This set contains the 5 main markers in the series. Sizes included are: Square (15mm), Round (8mm), Medium (5mm), Large Street Dabber (18mm), and Medium Street Dabber (10mm).

The optimum flow control pump-valve system on the markers allows accurate handling and application. The Street Dabber line by Montana Colors features a design inspired by the markers that are used to mark the cards in American Bingo and can be filled with any type of ink or paint and used on all types of surfaces. The Street Dabber line is excellent for creating the artistic “drips” common to street art. The transparent marker bodies allow for easy assessment of remaining marker content.  Perfect for use with new Montana Colors Water Based paint and with the Montana Colors Street ink range. Mix colors together to create your own unique markers. Screw left to open! Great for canvas work, handstyles, street art, or any other important art project.

Set Includes:

(1) Square - 15mm, (1) Round - 8mm , (1) Medium - 5mm, (1) Large Street Dabber -18mm, and (1) Medium Street Dabber - 10mm.

  • Set of 5 refillable empty markers by MTN
  • Refill with your favorite Ink or Paint
  • Easy to refill or exhange nibs
  • Designed to highest quality and standards
  • Highly recommended for Fine Arts, Graffiti Art, or any other professional job.

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