Since the early days of Graffiti, street artists have utilized different nozzles to affect the way paint sprays from the can. Using different “caps” or “tips” can greatly alter your paint flow and spray radius. From ultra thin to ultra wide, clean lines to dusty flares, the cap you use has a huge impact on the way your spray paint sprays.  

All artist grade spray paint utilizes a traditional “Female” valve system which works with “Male” nozzles. However, every brand uses a slightly different valve system, so the same cap might not work exactly the same way when used with different brands. Here at Infamy Art we try to sell only the most popular and versatile spray paint caps so you don’t end up with a bunch of unreliable nozzles.

Remember, nozzles can only take your mural art so far: wrist techniques, spray distance, and can control will massively effect the results from any spray paint cap.

 Some paint brands like Rustoleum and American Accents utilize a “Male” valve system. An adapter is needed if you want to try to use male caps with male valve systems.