Montana Cans BLACK Limited Edition Spray Can - RAGE

Since apx. 1998 the name RAGE or RACHE (in German) has found it's way into traffic in many forms, on many moving surfaces. For the 18th edition of the Montana BLACK ARTIST EDITION cans, this name has found it's way onto another major moving surface, the Montana BLACK color, Black 9001. The most in demand color of the range. With the appealing flavor that you are used to seeing in his artwork out in the field, RAGE has taken visual ownership and re-invented on possibly the most important color in the line. As with his now famous artwork "No varnish lasts forever", which restored the historical colorway of the front of an iconic Hamburg S-bahn train model, at first glance you will ask yourself what is it you have just been looking at? At second glance, you will not only be impressed, but you will also be left with the dilemma, "do I keep it, or collect it"?

This can has long been out of print and is perfect for completing your collection.


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